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Docunaut - Visual Intranet Search

Docunaut is a search solution which helps you to find relevant information in your company intranet. It can process a wide spectrum of different document types; from unstructured and informal documents in natural language to structured and preclassified material.

Full Content Analysis

Combining an efficient search engine with a visual map, the user can get the best of two worlds: Each search is being visualized and the visualization can be used to further explore and narrow down the search criteria for the current problem.

In contrast to other products, the analysis is made on the whole documents, not only on some metadata or on their header or first paragraph. The semantic content analysis is automatic: No manual effort is required.

The combination of the search engine and visualization can also to be used for exploring the documents freely and to get to know all information actually stored in your intranet.

Map Interface

Based on the contextual relationships of the documents, Docunaut forms a visual, map-like interface on the whole material. You can use the interface to form an overview of the text collection and to find specific information.

Adaptation and scalability

Docunaut can be adapted to various sized problems, ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents. The solution is scalable and the more concurrent users there are, the more processing power can be easily added to the problem to keep response times low.

Docunaut can be adapted to various different environments; as long as there is some way to access your documents, Docunaut can help you finding them again when you need them most.

User Oriented Approach

We provide our customers with software that is adjusted to their special needs. Docunaut learns to recognise the relevant features of the whole database. It learns by itself as well as from you.